Dec 092019

Andy Warhol Presents “Madame Wang’s” (1981)
Directed by Paul Morrissey
DVD Rip 576 x 720

This is by far the rarest of the Warhol/Morrissey film collaborations.

“A masochistic East German (Patrick Shoene) comes to L.A. looking for Jane Fonda to help lead ‘The Revolution’. He jumps ship just before dock and swims ashore to find a group of people living in an old abandoned building. Some sell junk at the local flea market (on crazy looking dude like to sniff door handles), others sell their bodies for money.

It is at one of these markets that we meet Madame Wang, owner of a way out venue for Punk bands to get their start.

The East German has no luck finding Jane Fonda son instead decides to live the American Lifestyle for a while, donning soccer jerseys (which he thinks all Americans wear) and hoping he can score a Mercedes from a rich sugar Mama. Without a cent to his name, he tries an audition at Madame Wang’s. With a knife in hand and to a grinding guitar, the masochist carves a space for himself on the stage and into Madame Wang’s books!”



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