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Cast: Sebastian Young, Aaron King, Brad Star, Brandt Moore, Braxton Bond, Cam Kurtz, Darren Rodman, Derrick Hanson, Jason Crew, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Johnny Donovan, Luke Riley, Sebastian Rivers, T.J. Young, Trevor Knight, Tyler Saint
Director: Chris Steele, Chad Donovan, Andrew Rosen
Description: “When Sebastian Young first arrived in California, Jet Set Men signed him immediately. It was instantly apparent that this tattooed young hunk had a great look, a “bad boy attitude”, and great physical assets – a big thick dick and a buff body with a hot ass. Devoted fans were drawn to him and his movies, snapping up any movies he was in. Now, Jet Set Men presents Sebastian Young Collector’s Edition, a virtual scrapbook of all of his hot sex scenes.

Checking into a motel, the three friends Aaron, Sebastian and Brad discover that all that is available is a single room with one bed for all of them. Professing to be straight, they decide that it’s OK as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves. The next shot has the three of them lying on the bed next to one another trying to sleep. Sebastian and Aaron have their jockeys on, but Brad is already naked and hard. Aaron decides to take advantage of Brad’s apparent invitation and goes down on him as he supposedly sleeps. He then reaches over Brad to pull Sebastian’s shorts down and include him in the cock sucking. The now awake Sebastian likes what’s happening, so the two conspire to go down on Brad together, trying not to waken him in the process. The light goes on and Brad jumps into it too, sucking on Aaron as Sebastian sucks on him. Aaron moves to rim Sebastian, as he continues the blow job on Brad, licking his dick, balls and ass in the process. The next move has Aaron sucking on Brad who is now working on Sebastian. The sleeping arrangements weren’t so bad after all! Sebastian has a thick, big dick, but Brad has the longest. Brad disappears for a moment, so Aaron works on Sebastian. When Brad comes back he takes to fucking Aaron, who is kneeling, and takes on Sebastian, who fucks him on his back while he’s again sucking on Brad. Aaron begs for Sebastian to fuck him harder which the stud is only too happy to do. Brad cums on Sebastian’s ass as Sebastian is still fucking Aaron. And then Aaron cums on himself while he is still being fucked. Sebastian ends up shooting on Aaron.

Back in the living room, Trevor, Darren and Sebastian are naked and going at it on the sofa. Trevor is deep throating Sebastian’s big dick and Darren is working on Trevor. Then Darren moves back and forth between Sebastian and Trevor giving head to both. Sebastian then moves to suck Trevor as Darren concentrates on Sebastian, leading Sebastian to suck on Darren as Trevor sucks on Sebastian. Both Trevor and Darren stand up on the sofa so that Sebastian can kneel, butt to the camera, to work on them both. Trevor is eyeballing Sebastian’s beautiful bubble butt, but neither Darren nor Sebastian has broken the news that neither one considers himself a bottom. Well, someone’s got to do it. Suddenly Sebastian is lying face down on the pool table so that Trevor can work his hard dick up and down over his hole, tempting it into action. Trevor finally pushes his way in and Sebastian takes it like a man, not a particularly happy one at first, but he does take it. Although it’s his first time bottoming on camera, he performs like the pro he is. He rises up on his knees to take it doggie style while Darren jacks off in the background. Then, not to be outdone, Darren gets fucked by Sebastian as he sucks on Trevor across the pool table. He then flips over on his back, legs in the air, so Trevor can take a shot at fucking him. Sebastian jacks off and cums over Darren’s arm as his friend shoots up his abs. Trevor finishes the session cumming on him as well. They all kiss.

Co-workers Sebastian Young and Derrick Hanson tell Matt’s friend Cam (who is still lurking about, obviously seeking some action) that they are brothers. “I think he wants us”, the “brothers” observe, and the fun is on. Cam goes down on Sebastian who is instantly hard, and soon naked. Derrick gives in and gets his even bigger dick out and Cam zeroes in on him. Kneeling down and getting his own prick into play, he goes back and forth between the brothers – who are now kissing. Cam is greedy and wants them both, at once. Both big dicks go into his mouth. He sucks them and licks their balls. Sebastian now goes down on Cam who is propped up against a workman’s ladder as Cam jacks off Derrick. Derrick pushes Cam’s pants down to reveal his even larger dick. It’s huge. Sebastian almost can’t get his hand around it. Derrick takes a shot at really deep throating Cam. He and Sebastian take turns working on their new friend and kissing each other. Derrick plays with Cam’s ass and rims his light pink hole. Derrick sucks on Sebastian for a bit and then heads back to Cam’s ass. Not to be outdone, Sebastian steps up to the ladder to get his beautifully rounded ass rimmed as well. Derrick fucks Cam first as Sebastian jacks himself off to the side. Then Sebastian takes his turn with Cam, grinding his big dick into him. Then Sebastian pounds into him. Cam lies back to jack off. Derrick cums a lot, and Cam spews some thick gluey goo. Sebastian finally shoots his load to cap off the scene.

Tyler and his friend Brant Moore discover the statue missing and head to their old frat house to get it back. The upper classmen greet them and invite the studs to come into the living room and help “initiate” the two remaining pledges – Jesse Santana and Sebastian Rivers. Everyone’s clothes come off and the seven men go at it. For the next 50 minutes the two pledges get it every way possible from the other five. They suck, they rim, they fuck, they jack off and they cum – in an amazing display of sexual activities. They do it standing, sitting, bent over, spread eagle, every way but hanging from the chandelier. It is an amazing show of manhood. It is shot so that one never loses track of who’s doing what or to whom, but arms, legs, open mouths, hard dicks and tight asses seem to be everywhere at once. First they “initiate” Jesse Santana, and then Sebastian Rivers, a wild night they should all remember forever. Thank God they had the presence to throw a cover over the couch that inevitably becomes their cum and sweat catcher.

In the toilet, Luke is going at Cam’s cock when Sebastian Young joins them and just jacks off and watches. Cam looks torn between Luke and Sebastian. The reflections in the mirror at the sink only add to the feeling of group sex. Cam reaches to also play with Sebastian. Luke leans over Cam and goes down on the newcomer. Cam pulls Luke’s shorts down to play with his ass as continues to suck Sebastian. Cam wants it all so he drops to his knees between his friends to suck on both of them. (Right) Sebastian pulls his shirt off to reveal his muscular and heavily tattooed torso. When Cam sucks on Luke, Luke plays with Sebastian. Cam greedily sucks on both guys, walrus-like, at the same time. Luke, for whatever reason, takes off, which gives Sebastian the opportunity to suck on Cam’s big sausage. Not wanting the night to end in the toilet, they both leave without climaxing and wander around. Cam finds a new friend on the prowl, T.J. Young. Right to the point, he tells Cam to take his clothes off. He does so and bends over to get his ass licked. He’s still hard. T.J. slips one, then two lubed fingers into Cam’s ass, followed shortly by his dick. He adopts an easier in and out motion that seems to work just fine. As T.J. is fucking away on Cam, Sebastian and Luke come from out of the dark to get in on the action, just in time for Cam to shoot a big load.

Recruit Braxton is in a top bunk, asleep but showing a big erection. Sebastian and Jeremy, putting down the “fucking cadet”, surprise and hold him from moving with a blanket stretched across his bed. Jeremy leaps up to the top bunk to feed Braxton his hard dick and make him deep throat it, sucking on his dick and balls. Sebastian is amazed at Braxton’s reaction. “He likes it,” he says. “He fucking likes it!” Soon, the three are naked, and Sebastian is kneeling on the top bunk with his ass thrust out to get rimmed by Jeremy, who is, in turn, standing on the floor. Jeremy is getting rimmed by Braxton, who is at the bottom of the chain, kneeling on the floor. Then Sebastian fucks Braxton (right), who’s now on his back on a bunk, sucking on Jeremy. Soon Braxton, legs in the air, is getting fucked by Jeremy while he simultaneously sucks on Sebastian. Jeremy has a really long dick, but it fits all the way in. Then Jeremy sucks on Sebastian as he turns his attention to Braxton’s ass. The camera catches a hot shot of Jeremy pounding Braxton from the rear, driving his dick into his ass. Braxton then sits on Jeremy which allows Sebastian to wedge his dick in on top of Jeremy’s for a double penetration. “It’s so fucking tight” moans Sebastian as they begin a long go at pounding Braxton’s ass. Finally, both Sebastian and Jeremy jack off and cum on Braxton, Jeremy shooting on one of his shoulders and Sebastian on the other. As Braxton jacks off to cum, Sebastian and Jeremy reach over him to kiss.”

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